The Friday Youth Meeting (FYM) is a weekly gathering created by the youth, for the youth. By the grace of God it has been running for over 11 years and has seen an array of youth attending and taking part in its organisation.

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  •  With exams fast approaching, we now begin our Skype Bible Study. 

    This week we will be discussing how to benefit from studing the Bible and what outcomes you should expect. 

    Meetings will begin at 8:30pm on Fridays. 

    To joing the conversation simply at on skype and give us a call. 

    Please pray for this service.

  • Diabolic Wars by Pope Shenouda 

    • Amir Selim 6/11 Chapter I: The nature of diabolic wars 
    • Marina Fidal 13/11 Chapter V : Benefits of diabolic wars
    • Andrew Mina 27/11 Chapter IV : How to overcome diabolic wars.

    Stop trying to get rich! 

    • 02/10/15 Michael Asaad - The Cash Money debate 
    • 09/10/15 Meena Bassily - Is Wealth deceitful? 
    • 23/10/15 Marise Mowad - How does money change people?
    • 30/10/15 Marinne Hakeem - Why did God make me rich?

    Love, Suffering, forgivness. 

    • 03/04/15 George Barbary - true spirituality of Holy Week and how to prep for a journey to the Cross. 
    • 10/04/15 Good Friday - no talk as we focus on the week and the days to come. 
    • 17/04/15 Abouna Isaac - how to love our enemies, with particular focus on groups like ISIS and other extremists groups. This is one not to miss. 
    • 24/04/15 Abouna Kyrillos - a contemplation on 1st Corinthians 13. A chapter all about Love. 

    The Great Hunt, Finding God in my life.

    • 27/02/15 - Anba Angaelos - How to benefit from Lent
    • 06/03/15 - Visited St. Mary and Pope Kyrillos Church in Hounslow
    • 13/03/15 - Andrew Mina - Flee or Face Sin
    • 20/03/15 - Michael Asaad - Search me O God
    • 27/03/15 - Anba Angaelos - Fellowship (This is also on the night of THE UNITED MEETING, be sure not to miss this one) 

    Major Things from Minor Prophets

    • 06/02/15 - Nader Henry - Haggai
    • 13/02/15 - Bish Amin - Nehemiah
    • 20/02/15 - Uncle Ashraf Labib- Obadiah   

    Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll

    • 09/01/15 - Adam Wahba drugs and addiction
    • 16/01/15 - Meena Bassily & Sarah Daniel love vs lust 
    • 23/01/15 - Ramy Bassily rock n roll n a christian lifestyle
    • 30/01/15 - Faddy Kamel is Christianity a rulebook or a journey?


Every Friday night the church welcomes all youths aged 14 and above to participate in interesting discussions regarding Christianity which are specifically tailored to young people. FYM is a platform for teens and young adults to learn more about their faith as each week different speakers are invited to give talks on particular social and religious issues. Fellowship is a key Christian concept, and FYM aims to harness and develop unity and fellowship among the future generation.

A typical meeting follows the following timetable:

8:00pm - Arrival

8:15pm - Prayers followed by the weekly discussion

9:00pm - Snacks and drinks

There are also annual Christmas and Easter parties organised by the youth themselves. In the past they have been themed parties full of fun surprises and games, as well as some iconic fancy dress!

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About FYM
Meet the Team
  • Welcome to the Friday Youth Meeting Page. Here you can learn more about what the FYM is about, see what are the talks this week and even listen to previous talks that may have been uploaded onto FYM-ONLINE. FYM is run by the youth for the youth, under the guidance of Abouna Kyrillos Asaad. We hope you enjoy our site, and encourage anyone interested to come and attended. If you have any requests about topics you want to discuss please let us also contact us and let us know using the contact form found at the bottom of the site. We welcome any feedback as that is the only way we can move forward together and create a meeting for all the youth to enjoy.

    Please pray for this service. 

  • The FYM is overseen by Abouna Kyrillos. 

    The main lead role: Michael Asaad. 

    He runs a team a very dedicated youth members:

    Anthony Daniel
    Meena Tadross
    Bishoy Amin

    The whole team meets regularly every three weeks to discuss future topics/series and how to make the meeting the most benificial it can be for the youth. We ask for your prayers to help the service grow. If you have any issues regarding the FYM please do not hesitate to contact Michael or Abouna using the link below.  


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