abounaKyroOrdinationSt. Mary and St. Shenouda's Coptic Orthodox Church is proud to announce that yesterday, on Sunday 16th of November 2014, His Holiness Pope Tawadros the second ordained Abouna Kirollos Asaad to serve alongside Abouna Ishak Henien, who gained the rank of Hegomen, in our church. We pray that God help them both in their service and through the Holy Spirit guide our church in this new stage to bare fruit 10, 100 and 1000 fold. 

On Wednesday the third of December 2014 Abouna Kyrillos prayed The Liturgy of Receiving The Sacrifice in which he prayed his first liturgy as the serving priest in Anba Bishoy Monastery. It was a happy and joyous day of celebration. 

We welcomed Abouna Kirollos to St. Mary and St. Shenouda for the first time on the 31st of December 2014 after his 40 days in the monastery. 

St Mary and St Shenouda's Coptic Orthodox Church invited all to celebrate the elevation of our Father Ishak Henien and the ordination of Father Kirollos Asaad. The celebration was held at Bourne Hall, Spring Street,Ewell,Surrey KT17 1UF January 24th from 4-9 pm. The event was be held under the care of HG Bishop Angaelos. Many atteneded and we were blessed to celebrate this with such a joyous family. 

We pray that God helps Abouna Kyrillos in his new ministry as he continues to learn and progress and for him to be with Abouna Ishak as he continues to shepard his church.

Please pray for us. 

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