Who was Nehemiah

Nehemiah grew up to a poor family in Babylon. His father was Hachalia and his mother was not mentioned in the bible.He grew into being a cup bearer to king Artaxerxes and from a young age served him. 

A summary of Nehemiah's story

In the 20th year of the king Artaxerxes I (445 or 444 BC), Nehemiah was a cup-bearer of the king. Over the years he learnt that the people  of Judah were in distress after the Persians took over Jerusalem and knocked down the walls of Jerusalem.He was upset and really wanted to help in maintaining  the city of Jerusalem.He then decides to ask the king for permission to return and rebuild the city. King Artaxerxes then decides to  send him to Judah and makes him governor of province with a mission to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Once he arrived there Nehemiah defined all the opposition of Judah's enemies on his side and managed to finish the wall in 52 days.

How does Nehemiah's story fit in the theme of Arise & Build?

Firstly Nehemiah arises from being  a cup-bearer to King Artaxerxes, to being the governor of province.

Secondly Nehemiah builds on his confidence to take risks and achieve his goal/ambition which was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the actual city itself.

Thirdly he manages to gain more allies to help him to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.

Lastly he builds the walls of Jerusalem and makes the city of Jerusalem a better place for everyone at that time.

How can we be like Nehemiah?

Firstly we can be like Nehemiah by working and trying hard to achieve our goals/ambition.This does not mean that we should aim for things that are not achievable . But it means to work hard to make the things that are achievable happen.

Secondly we should always be good Christians and gain our enemies. This is also shown in the story of Nehemiah when he gained all the oppositions of Judah and made them allies to help in building Jerusalem and it's walls in 52 days.






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